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Handling Drillthrough in Safari on iOS with Power BI Embedded



We are in the middle of a Power BI embedded deployment where our user base relies heavily on iOS as a client.  We are NOT using the Power BI Mobile App as this is an embeeded application.


Our reports make a lot of use of drillthrough providing tremendous value to the users.


We are unable to trigger the long-press action on iOS which should show the drillthrough command extension.  In trying this out on the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Playground samples, it appears as though this "just doesn't work".


When I go to and run the Sample Report example on Windows 10 with Chrome, and then right-click on Product in the Category Breakdown table in the top right of the report, I see the drillthrough command and can go to the drillthrough target report.


When I try the same in Safari on iOS, I am unable to trigger the drillthrough command.  Long press seems to have no effect.


Is there a correct way to capture and handle long-press on iOS such that we can then show the drillthrough command in our embedded scenario?  I see that we can customize the Menu Command via but I can't find information of it this is or is not supported on Safari / iOS.


Thanks for any pointers.