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Getting "The name 'Html.Table' does not exist in the current context" in my custom connector project



I have developed a customer connector for a web service and would like to improve error handling. For that reason I am now handling the different failure HTTP statuses that could occur. I know that the service responds with a simple HTML page in case of an error. I would like to extract the title of that page and present it to the user (e.g. authentication issues).


The problem I have is that the parsing of the HTML response is not possible. I get the error "The name 'Html.Table' does not exist in the current context":





Here is my code:


shared TestSession = (server) =>
AuthResp = Web.Contents(server,
ManualStatusHandling = {400,401,403,404,429,500,502,503}]
responseCode = Value.Metadata(AuthResp)[Response.Status],
ErrorMessage = Html.Table(AuthResp, {{"Message", "title"}})
if responseCode = 200 then "All good" else ErrorMessage;


Anyone who knows why the Function Html.Table is not available in this context?


EDIT: I can add that there is no way to build logic around the HTTP status code. The service has some weird implementation which returns additional information in the status code field:


HTTP/1.1 401 Failed to authenticate user "xxx", verify your user name and password.
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:22:22 GMT


The value of 'Response.Status' is empty and I guess it's because of that additional information in the status field that prevents the SDK to extract the correct status value.


Thanks and best regards, Denis

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