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ddustye Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

GetGroupsAsAdmin API with User info

We are trying to use the GetGroupsAsAdmin API to return a list of workspaces with users expanded.


We are able to get results but, each group id looks like this with nothing in the users array.  I have all the necessary permissions as far as I can tell including Tenant read and write all.  Also, although this example shows an Orphaned Group (it was pulled from the api documentation page), I know that there are users associated with groups because when I use Get Group Users and use a group id, I get back the users in the group if it's a group that I have permission to view.  What could be the reason we're not seeing any users in the result?  Since GetGroupsAsAdmin is an admin api, shouldn't it be able to see the users of the groups it returns?


  "value": [
      "id": "d5caa808-8c91-400a-911d-06af08dbcc31",
      "isReadOnly": false,
      "isOnDedicatedCapacity": false,
      "name": "Orphaned Group",
      "description": "Sample orphan group",
      "type": "Workspace",
      "state": "Active",
      "users": []