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stpnet Established Member
Established Member

Facet Key visual specifying icons

I can't seem to specify icons for my facte key data.


I have tried using fa fa-building for example


I notice the docs on the site have changed


This suggests I use fas instead of fa


I have tried the following


fas fa-building

fas fas-building

fa fa-building


all without success


I notice that fa fa-male still works as does fa fa-globe


is there any useful guidance on the list of available icon types/classes?


v-evelk Established Member
Established Member

Re: Facet Key visual specifying icons



What excat visual do you mean, this one?
Could you please provide more details regarding the issue?

Do you try to modify exisitng visual?


Kind Regards,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals