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Enable our customers to visualize in their PowerBI workspaces data stored in our SaaS


We are developping a multi-tenant SaaS on top of Azure. For each of our customers we have data stored in our SaaS (schema is common, but data is different per customer)

When our customers have an Office 365 license, they would be interested to build PowerBI dashboards on top of this data (stored in our multi-tenant SaaS).

We checked the different way of adding content to our customer Workspace but did not see anything which would let us connect to our SaaS from their PowerBI workspace. Here is what the site offers:


Discover Content

- Content from "My organization" ==> This would not work since the organization is our customers's tenant and would not let our customers connect to our SaaS tenant

- Content from "Services" ==> These services seem to be public data feed


Create New Content

- Files ==> We could create a file but our users would need to "manually" refresh this file. Not ideal at all.

- Databases ==> This seems limited to Azure SQL database which we are not using. We are not sure if this connector could pull data from a SQL database stored in a different tenant (our tenant)

- Dataflow ==> "unify disparate data". This seems to allow to unify data from different sources stored in the tenant


How would you recommend enabling this scenario? Our customers highly prefer use Power BI online instead of the desktop version, but if it is not an option, how would you recommend enabling this in Power BI desktop ?


Thank you,



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