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Embedding a Specific Report Section tab via IFrame

We are integrating a Power BI report into our web site via the instructions at The issue is that we have not been able to specify a specific section/tab to display in the IFrame. As an example, we tried appending "/ReportSection2" to the IFrame embed URL but that didn't work. We also tried appending "&ReportSection=2" and "&Section=2" to the embed URL but that didn't work either.


When a report has more than 1 section (i.e. more than 1 tab at the bottom of the report), is it possible to specify that a specific section be displayed in the IFrame?

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I know, this is a late answer, but can be usefull. The paramater to use is "pageName=The_Name_Of_Your_Section"



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for me the same issue even after passing parameter...


I agree with @Gokul that as is the parameter does not work if you use the friendly name of the report tab.  


However, the trick that does work for me is to use the ID of the report tab as seen in the report's URL.  E.g. take everything after the last slash in your report with your tab selected and use that as your param value:



Building on the orignal answer from @auprevot and using this value, here is the new pageName parameter set to this report tab value.  

<iframe width="1140" height="541.25" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>


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