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Embedding PowerBI QNA



I am using below code to embed PowerBI QNA


      var models = window['powerbi-client'].models;
      var token = "...";

      var config= {
        type: 'qna',
        tokenType:   models.TokenType.Embed,
        accessToken: token,
        embedUrl:    '',
        datasetIds:  ['ae8aa2c5-6416-4312-...'],
        viewMode:    0,  // Interactive

// Get a reference to the embedded QNA HTML element
var qnaContainer = $('#qnaContainer')[0];

// Embed the QNA and display it within the div container.
var qna = powerbi.embed(qnaContainer, config);

There aren't any errors in the browser console. I am getting below message (attached screenshot). 

I tried "" but still i am getting same error. Any idea why it is not working? 

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Re: Embedding PowerBI QNA

That isn't an error, it's a service problem