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Embedding Power BI Reports in Sharepoint 2013



I know there are many posts about embeding in sharepoint but I wanted to check something specific as I've never worked with sharepoint before. So I've been tasked with implementing a mock site that I did up in html in sharepoint. The way the html page worked is that there was a simple navigation menu that would open multiple reports. If you click on a specific power bi report it would open up the URL in a target iframe which was basically took up the rest of the page. This way it looked like you would click on the report and it would load it below.


So I've done some searching and it looks like I should be able to do something similar with the page viewer webpart, the only thing I want to know is can I do the same thing as before in my html where I just have one page that hosts the page viewer and just make that the target of all my URL links? Or do I have to create a separate page for each dashboard and embed the URL for each dashboard in each specific page?