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Embedded report filter not working on integer fields?

I am working with embedded PBI reports. If I create the following filter on an nvarchar column it works as expected:


?reportId=<Report GUID>&$filter=Record/Title%20eq%20'My test title'


However if I try to filter on a number column (tested on smallint and bigint columns) with something like:


?reportId=<Report GUID>&$filter=Record/ID%20eq%20'1234'


I get "This filter can't be used since the corresponding field is invalid". I can create a report-level filter using the ID field and the filters in the filter pane look identical. Is this a bug or is my syntax wrong?

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Hi there,


maybe you get that exception because of your commata -> ' <- 

Because Int32 columns must not be quoted.  Just try it without those: ?reportId=<Report GUID>&$filter=Record/ID%20eq%201234


As referred to this example:$filter=ID%20eq%20%275%27 -> with quotes$filter=ID%20eq%205 -> without quotes



Thanks for your suggestion akagiz. I thought I replied to your post the other day but apparently not.


I did try creating the filter without the single quotes around the value as you suggested before posting here but didn't have any success.

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