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Embedded report -- allowing users to control column visibility



Not sure I picked the right group for this -- please tell me nicely if I should post it in a different group.


We have a report showing certain financial metrics about a set of deals.  All deals have certain attributes -- Industry Sector (Energy, Agriculture, etc.), Region (East US, Central US, West US, Asia, etc.), year of first investment, and many more.


We have built the report showing the following columns:

  • Deal Name
  • Metric 1
  • Metric 2
  • Metric 3
  • Sector
  • Region
  • Year of First Investment
  • etc. (other attributes)


We have built slicers for the attributes for filtering purposes.  If someone wants to see just agriculture, it's right at their fingertips.  


Depending on who is looking, they may or may not care about Region, Sector,  Year or any other attribute.  So certain users have asked to be able to hide some of these columns when viewing the report.


Our Power BI developer insists it cannot be done, which I find very hard to believe.  Every report building tool I have ever seen and worked with lets columns get hidden, often by the consumers.


We don't need hiding the columns to do anything -- change grouping/filtering/rollup -- anything.  We just want the ability for the user to hide stuff they don't want to see so they have less noise.


Is this possible?  This is an embedded report hosted on Azure Power BI but that we have fronted through an iFrame on our intranet.  And this is a simplified example -- if I was really just 6 columns I would tell the users to deal with it, but in reality there are a couple of dozen deal attributes in play here.


Thanks in advance,



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