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Embedded dashboard not auto updated

I use push dataset and when i add rows the pinned tile on my dasboard are updated automatic if i view the dashboard in app and, But if i embed it (App owns data) the dasboard is never updated when underlaying dataset is updated.
Is this supported?  I can see i get a 400 error in console.  Dashboard renders and loaded event is triggerd. but not any other event.




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After investigating further ourselves, the call being made to “refreshUserMetadata” returns a 400 error because the samesite property of one of the Power BI Auth cookies isn’t set and so is being treated as lax rather than “none” and isn’t accepted.

This would explain why the dashboard tiles do still auto-refresh as expected when viewed when logged into the Power BI service, but not on an embedded dashboard using iframes to embed it (where cross site becomes a consideration).


We are trying to escalate this through Microsoft Support but they are not being very reactive. This bug occurs in Edge, Firefox and the latest version of Chrome. Tiles on any of our embedded dashboards using streaming datasets no longer auto-update because of this bug and it is affecting a number of our paying clients. 



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    I met the same issue, and did u resolve this error? thx.

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We are facing the same problem - we have the same 400 error on /refreshusermetadata and since last week our embedded dashboard tiles have also stopped updating. They continue to work when viewing the dashboard logged into the Power BI service, but not when embedded into our websites.

We have an open support ticket with Microsoft.


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    I met the same issue, and did u resolve this error? thx.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @LarsNordqvist,

What type of embedded feature are you working on? 'Publish to web' or 'power bi embedded'?
If you mean embed code with the 'publish to web' feature, it includes one hour delay to sync the last dataset records so it may not suitable to use with a real-time report.

Publish to web from Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

After you create your Publish to web embed code and share it, the report updates with any changes you make. The embed code link is immediately active. Anyone who opens the link can view it. The data is cached for one hour from the time it is retrieved. We don’t recommend using Publish to web for data that needs to refresh frequently. To learn more, see the How it works section later in this article.

If you mean the power bi embedded feature and the dataset not updated, please share some more detailed information about your operation steps to help us clarify and troubleshoot your scenario.

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