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khana04 Frequent Visitor
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Dynamic totals based on totals of other columns


I have table report below , I want to grandtotal of CY DOH LBs   the same way  I am calculating every single row 

CY OH lbs/ AvgSaleslast90days.

10200.00/24.44 which  are totals for columns CY OH LBs and Avg Sales last 90 days , right now Power BI is doing a simple column total.4368.29

so 10200.00/24.44  = 417.34   and not 4,368.29 which total of all rows in that column, whats the best way to approach this????


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Super User

Re: Dynamic totals based on totals of other columns

what's the syntax for your calculation? are you using measures or calculated columns?

my guess is you need to use measure insetad of calculated column, then something like this should work

DIVIDE(SUM(Table[CY DOH LBs]), [Avg Sales last 90 days])