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Does anyone has the chart pbiviz file?

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Hi all,


Now we have three measures which are Sales in,Sales Out and inventory. The current chart in powerbi can only put three measure at the same side. Does anyone has the chart template which is similar to below picture?(either horizontal or vertical). Then we only have positive values in the chart.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: Does anyone has the chart pbiviz file?

Does Tornado Chart meet your requirements?


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Re: Does anyone has the chart pbiviz file?


I agree that this looks pretty much like a Tornado Chart,


An all wrapped pbiviz package is available online from



In case you wanted to add other personal modifications or custom features, you can check how the visualization is built under the hood on Github:


Power BI Visual Code available on Github

After downloading the code:
1- run > npm install
2- run >pbiviz package

last action should generate a pbiviz under dist folder.



Finally. an original d3.js sample of Tornado Chart [from which demo was inspired...]:


Hope this helps Smiley Wink