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Vauban Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Display of dropdown slicer changes when move back & forth between tabs

Hi to all.  Very much a rookie here.


I have copied and pasted a drop down slicer from and to the same tab.

The slicer looks just the same as the one I copied from.

I save the pbix file.

Up to this point all five drop down slicers look the same as the four on the left in the slicer picture below.

I then click to a different tab.

When I click back to the previous tab the default display for the new dropdown slicer on the far right is showing as seen in the second picture below.

I have looked for differences between the various attributes of the Permit Sub-Type and the other four dropdown splicers and I can only see one difference.  That is that a new attribute shows itself once I come back to the first tab in the General attribute section - the Orientation field.  For lack of another reason I'm thinking the slicer upgrades itself when I go back and forth between tabs.  Regardless, where can I go to change whatever attribute so that my default shows as "All" like the rest of the dropdowns.

Any insight appreciated.



Attributes after coming back to original tab.PNG

Dropdown slicers after coming back from different tab.png