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Deployment from one environment to another environment

Hi ,


How can I deploy reports from one environment to another environment.For example , deploying dashboards from development to production/testing.

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Re: Deployment from one environment to another environment

Hi @RashmitaR,

This blog describes details about how to achieve Dev/Test/Production environment in Power BI: .

To summarize, you can develop all reports in Power BI Desktop, create a test group in Power BI Service and publish reports from Desktop into the group, then create dashboards. In this group, you can assign users with either “Edit” or “View Only” access for them to test reports. If there are any issues with developed reports, you can re-publish them to the test group. Once development and testing iterations are complete, you can create a content pack in the test group to distribute the production version of the dashboard, reports and datasets to the rest of the organization. 


In other words, Power BI desktop acts as your Dev environment, Power BI group acts as your test environment and content pack is the output for production.

Lydia Zhang