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SNik Regular Visitor
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DAX Question MAX Date Record

Hi This is a DAX question i have 2 tables and they are
tblA has a one to many relation with tblB   tblB is a Fct table and tblA a Dim table
TblA (DIM)
aKey  , aName , ....
   1       a
    2     b
tblB (FCT)
bKey  aKey   bName    bDate (number format)   fieldA   Field B
  1        1          b 1        20120101                          1            2
  2        1          b 1        20130101                          3            4
  3        2          b 2        20090101                          1            0
  4        2          b 2        20160101                          3            2
How can i get a table output using DAX with the result of the
  1- the last date for each record
  2- If Field A> Field B then "Red" else "Green"
  2        1          b 1        20130101     GREEN
  4        2          b 2        20160101     RED
I need the DAX for that , Thanks

 and do i add the DAX in the FCT of the DIM ?


I am using Excel 2013 PowerPivot

Nik- Shahriar Nikkhah
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Re: DAX Question MAX Date Record

You can add a custom column in your dimension table like:



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SNik Regular Visitor
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Re: DAX Question MAX Date Record

how can i do that?

must i use the DAX in the Fact?

can you help me is in the step by step?, i dont need the details as long as i can understand the steps more i'll follow and find out myself


Please help more

Nik- Shahriar Nikkhah