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Advocate II
Advocate II

Custom Data Connector Prompt Credentials

Hey guys,
I'm building a custom data connector to gets data from an Rest API that doesn't support OAuth, and i was wondering if it is possible for the user to be prompted for some info, like the Base_Url and an Auth_Key on the first use, and then store that info in a text file. Then the connector would read from that file everytime. The prompt could always appear, but if it was pre-filled, that would be awesome.

I made the part that reads from the text file, but i can't figure out a way to make the "user input first" approach, work.
Is there any way to make that using the credentials part of the connector, maybe?
My connector logic is:

GetTable = (ID as text, Params as text) as table =>
        authKey = LoadFromResource("Auth_Key"), // file Auth_Key.txt
        url =  LoadFromResource("BaseUrl") & "?id=" & ID & "&params=" & Params, // file BaseUrl.txt
        options = [Headers=[auth_key= authKey, #"Content-Type"="application/Json"]], 
        source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(url, options)),
        toRecords = Table.FromRecords(source),
        expanded = ExpandAllRecords(toRecords)

[DataSource.Kind="Test1", Publish="Test1.Publish"]
shared Test1.Contents = (ID as text, Params as text) => 
          source = GetTable(ID, Params)

 Thank you.

Helper III
Helper III

You can create an argumented function to get the url as a parameter. Example:


Thisisthefunction = (url as text) =>



source = Web.Contents(url)



Advocate II
Advocate II

Update: i figured out how to prompt only once for the auth_key:

authKey = Extension.CurrentCredential()[Key] 

Instead of that LoadFromResource. This way it prompts the user for the key on the first time, and then it stores in PBI, even if you clean the cache.

You have to change this aswell:

Teste1 = [
    Authentication = [
        Key = 
            Label = " "
    Label = Extension.LoadString("DataSourceLabel")

Now i'll keep trying for the Base URL.

Hi did you find any method to pass url as parameter

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