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Custom Data Connector / How to troubleshoot Testconnection Handler



I built my first custom data connector (encapsulate access to authenticated Rest API).

It works fine with Power BI Desktop but I cannot enable scheduling of data source refresh through Enterprise Gateway.


I am pretty sure this is because of incorrect implementation of mandatory TestConnection handler.

When trying to configure the data source from Power BI web portal, I am getting an error "Cannot be added to gateway". In documentation, it is highlighted we likely have a problem with TestConnection if getting this message.


I developped my handler based on documentation:


But cannot figure out the problem... Is there any logfile I could access to get further details ?



TestDataSource = [

    TestConnection = (dataSourcePath) => {"TestDataSource.Feed", dataSourcePath},

    Authentication = [

        UsernamePassword = []


    Label = Extension.LoadString("DataSourceLabel")