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Correct Python variables calls



I am trying to build a proportion table of late vendors based off orders. I built this basic code back in october through Jupyter Notebook and it still works fine there. I am trying to implement it on power bi now and I am confused whether it is necessary to declare the variable I am using, even though I have selected the column in Power BI. I get a name error as follows: LateDays is not defined. LateDays is the field that I get on power bi by using Odata, a service my company uses to fetch live data.


this is the code:


df = pandas.DataFrame(LateDays)
df = dataset.drop_duplicates()

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt'seaborn')
import seaborn as sns
sns.set(font_scale = 2)
# Paste or type your script code here:

def is_late(x):
return x > 0
df['Late'] = df['LateDays'].apply(is_late)

group_by_vendor = df.groupby(['CompanyName', 'Late'])

delayed_by_vendor = df.groupby(['CompanyName', 'Late']).size().unstack().reset_index()
delayed_by_vendor['orders_count'] = (delayed_by_vendor[False] + delayed_by_vendor[True])
delayed_by_vendor['Proportion_Late'] = delayed_by_vendor[True] / delayed_by_vendor['orders_count']
delayed_by_vendor.sort_values('proportion_late', ascending=False)
Right at the first string of code I get the name error. How can I define the variable in the code if the variable is fetched off a live service with huge amounts of data? thanks.
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Re: Correct Python variables calls



It seems on my Power BI desktop, Python Visual fetches the data and saves it as the variable "dataset".


Try to replace "df" by "dataset" in your script.


Hope it will solve your problem.






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