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Resolver I

Connection to Online Portal using Push API method or any other method

I want PowerBI to be connected to an online vehicle tracking platform called  Web connection is not working. I guess Push dataset through REST API is the only way to go. Is there anyother way? If push dataset is the solution then someone please guide me through its first step which is to register an app with Azure AD which confuses me. What is that app? payasyoutrack?

Super User III
Super User III

Do you want to provide that online portal with data, or do you want to run reports from it?  A Push API would only make sense in the first scenario.

I want to run reports from it. As connection to web method was not working, I resorted to push API method. The idea was to import/push data from that portal into the power dataset. Is this gonna work or I haven't understood it correctly?


"import from" and "push into" are the exact opposites.  You can't just combine these concepts. 


The Push API method sends data to the Azure cloud.  it does not receive anything (apart from the push request success status). It is not suitable for what you are trying to achieve.


What you are likely looking for is the use of a REST API as defined by your data source. Do they offer documentation as to how to speak to them via API to retrieve data?



The data gets pushed through by the REST API from the datasource to the PowerBI. Maybe, import term is not suitable to use in this case.

so you want to pull the data from the website and push it into a streaming/hybrid Power BI dataset?


You can use Power Automate for that, no real need to create your own app in AAD.

Yes Yes exactly. But streaming is for the current real time data while I need historical data as well. Thanks alot for the Power Automate suggestion. I will get back to you.

use a hybrid push dataset if you want history. BUT be aware that you have no control over how much history is stored.  

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