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Clear data from Streaming API dataset

I have a streaming dataset creating via the web service that I would like to clear from time to time via an API call.


This would be the equivalent to this on the normal API.


I know I can manually switch the dataset to historic and back (or vice versa) but was hoping for an API POST solution.

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Re: Clear data from Streaming API dataset


I was doing the some test on this, and the result was just as the Power BI staff Sun states in this thread.

 If you've created a real-time dataset and you didn't check the "Enable historic data analysis" option, then there is no need to manually clear its entries, since Power BI is not storing anything.


If you've created a real-time dataset either by checking the "historic data analysis" option, or via an Azure Stream Analytics output, you can delete its rows using our REST API. You can start with our documentation here, let us know if you have any questions!

Also, as per the online documentation,

There is currently no way to clear data from a streaming dataset, though the data will clear itself after an hour.


I think you can submit an idea at Power BI Ideas and vote it up.

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Re: Clear data from Streaming API dataset