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Circular reference issues

Hi BI community,


I am new to PowerBi and are trying to create a financial dashboard for a compay.


I have created 2 tables, one quering from a SQL database and 1 with the budget imported. I've then created a unique ID containing the region of sales and the first date of the month for each of these tables and made a relation.


First, I've done a lookup value to import the Budgetted units

BudgetUnits = LOOKUPVALUE(SwedenBudget[Units];SwedenBudget[UniqueID];SwedenSales[UniqueID])
Now, I've been trying to the same for revenue (located in the next column in the budget table).
BudgetRevenue = LOOKUPVALUE(SwedenBudget[Revenue];SwedenBudget[UniqueID];SwedenSales[UniqueID])
I am getting the following error:
"A circular dependency was detected: SwedenSales[#BudgetRevenue], SwedenSales[#BudgetUnits], SwedenSales[#BudgetRevenue].".
I do not understand this, as none of them are dependent on each other? Can anyone help?



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Re: Circular reference issues



This might be caused by Cross filter direction. You may use RELATED instead.