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Can you embed reports from Power BI Report Server?

Hi - documentation is not clear on this capability. Can you embed reports from Power BI Report Server? 

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Advocate I

Is embedding from Power BI Report Server in an on-premises environment on the roadmap? It would be great to have clarification on this as it is a deal breaker. 



See more clarifiation in the reply from PG in this thread.

By the way, there's a dedicated sub forum for Power BI Report Server, for Report Server specific questions, you can get more proper response here.


@jgermain wrote:

Hi - documentation is not clear on this capability. Can you embed reports from Power BI Report Server? 


It is probably possible, however not the usual way to embed reports in Power BI Service. As PBI Report Server is a superset of SQL Server Reporting Services, so I think you can reference this Integrating Reporting Services into Applications.


I'm consulting to the product team internally to offer a embedded demo as those embedding demos for Power BI service. I'll post back if I get any update.


No, I just get the confirmation from the Dev team that the capacity to embedded reports from PBI Report Server is not on the roadmap. You can submit your idea at Microsoft connect.




Does this mean that it's required to use Azure service to show a Power BI report in a web application?






Hi all,


I also wonder about this. Do we need Azure when embedding Power BI or can we use different capacity?



@Nath_BI - I appreciate this is an old thread, but the answer is you do not need Azure provided your report server and your web server can communicate with one another.  I have just successfully embeded one of my reports on a web page;


<iframe width="1000" height="700" src="http://my-server:myport/Reports/powerbi/myreportname?rs:embed=true" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

The "rs:embed=true" is crucial, without it the request gets knocked back by the report server.


Hope this helps.


 @SkinnyPete63 Does your soluation work for external customers?

No, because users have to be authenticated against AD.  I suppose you could create a dummy AD account and provide the credentials to the external customer.  I don't really like that approach though, maybe someone else has found a way to allow anonymous access?

@SkinnyPete63 Thank you for so quick response.

Just to be clear, Power BI embedding and embedding reports using Power BI Report Server are completely different technoclogies. The Power BI Service in the cloud provides an API for retreiving embedding reports, dashboards and tiles and for retreive embed tokens. This server-side API is complimented by a client-side JavaScript API that provides developers with rich functionality to create interactive pages with embedded reports which allows users to navigate between report page, set filters and apply bookmarks. None of this functionality is available with Power BI Report Server which has a completely different set of APIs which have been carried over from SQL Server Report Server.


Power BI Report Server just provides a simple iframe approach to embed a report on a web part, This style of embedding is incredibly thin compared to Power BI embedding in the cloud.

This is great explanation - thank you for this.


Does this mean that it's required to use Azure service to show a Power BI report in a web application?






Hi, I am confused now. Look at this:


Is there any way to embed dashbaords on premises into applications? Without having to go thorugh the Azure cloud? What about direct query? Is this like on-premises?

Many thanks in advance.


Embedding power bi reports from onprem powerbi report server does not seem to work. I tried both iframe and SharePoint page viewer and the link is stuck at loading for ever

I am confused as well. I tried what the link says. If i add the embed true paramter and use the link everything works fine but when i put the link in an iframe or in a SharePoint page viewer it just keeps loading forever
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Please check the compatibility mode of your browser when the Power BI report keeps loading data... forever.

Changing the compatibility mode to 11 solved the issue I had with infinitely loading the page.

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