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tomhawley Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Can We Initiate a Drill from Code

Can we initiate a drill from code? I don't mean entering drill mode, but the actual action of moving down the hierarchy.


I realise that drill mode is meant to be the consistent solution for providing drill functionality, but the arrow buttons are simply too small to be of any use on an iPad, which is the single platform i'm targetting. I simply cannot ask people to use them. 


So, in the absence of a usable set of buttons to control drill mode (on iOS), and frankly my preference in any case, would be to allow my user to click something within the relevant element of my visual. At present I implement a on the identity of one of the groups, and PowerBI responds differently and correctly depending on whether it's in drill mode or select mode. What I want to do is force it to respond as it does when in drill mode, i.e. drill to the next level, although more than likely the visual will actually be in select mode.


Is this possible, and if not, is it something that could be considered? If not, please can you let me know that you recognise the unusability of the drill buttons on iOS, and that this will change in a relatively short timescale?