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Calculating a weighted average


I have a SharePoint list with 5 number columns (item1, item2, item3, item4, item5) and a category choice column with values category 1 and category 1 and a people column.


I would like to use Power BI desktop to build a graph that shows the sum of item1, the sum of item2, the sum of item3, the sum of item4, and the sum of item5.  I was able to achieve this using a pie graph and also a stacked column chart. How can I build a bar chart that shows the sum of each item on a separate bar for a side-by-side comparison? Finally, I would like to show a data-table that calculates a weighted average of each number column i.e for item1, item2, item3, item 4 and item5. The weighted average formula is=  0.7*category1 score of Item + 0.3*category2 score of item




How can I achieve this using power BI desktop? I am using a SharePoint 2019 list.  Can anyone please list the steps to achieve this?


Thanks in advance,


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