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Authorization fails trying to invoke PowerBI Rest API from C# Function App

I am trying to implement a C# Azure Function App to use the PowerBI Rest API to extract information about workspaces etc in our tenant.


As a starting point I used Jeff Pries's excellent blog post:


Initially I implemented this as a standalone local app and it worked fine. So I know that I have setup my App Registration correctly in the Azure AD and I know that I can successfully authorize non-interactively with saved User/Password credentials and obtain a list of PowerBI workspaces on our tenant.


However, when I came to implement this in an Azure Function App I found that the option to use User/Password isn't available, so instead am trying using a ClientSecret to authenticate, but cannot get it to work.


I am using AcquireTokenAsync method to get the auth token: 

authResult = await authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(ResourceURL, clientCredential).ConfigureAwait(false);


I know I am using the correct client secret because if I deliberately use the wrong one I get an "Invalid client secret is provided" exception. 


I then CreateAuthorizationHeader method to create the authorization header

authToken = authResult.Result.CreateAuthorizationHeader();


You can see from the console screenshot below that this all appears to work fine. I end up with a sound looking bearer token:




Then I create an HTTPClient and set the auth token in the Authorization header:

client = new HttpClient();


client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Authorization", authToken);


Finally, I try to use the client to call the PowerBI API:

string serviceURL ="";

response = client.GetAsync(serviceURL).Result;


Every time I get response code: Unauthorized.


What am I doing wrong?


The ResourceURL I am using to acqure the token is: "".


I have tried using different versions of the Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory. I tried using the latest v5.2.8, but I have also seen posts which suggest the problem could be solved by using v3.19.8. But neither makes any difference.

The AuthorityURL I am using to get the auth context for v3.19.8 is: "".

The AuthorityURL I am using to get the auth context for v5.2.8 was: "". I also tried using URLs that include our tenant id.

Community Support
Community Support

HI @joolzfawcett,

Maybe you can try to refer to the following document sample codes to replace the get token parts and test to confirm if this token works on your side.

Step 2: Get an authentication access token 

Please also take a look at the best practice of azure function if it helps:

Best practices for performance and reliability of Azure Functions 

Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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