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Assign color automatically in line chart


I have a line chart with about 250 lines. This is very messy but normally a filter is used to display at most 10 lines.

All lines have different colors. But I would like to assign always the same colors to the first 10 lines.

Is there a way to do so?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Re: Assign color automatically in line chart

Hi Mabelle,


I have asked for this type of functionality here, where by you could define a column or measure in your model that would output a colour reference.


You could for example define a table with ten colours, e.g. Color 1 (e.g. #FF0000 = red) to Color 10 (#0000FF = blue) and then match this list of ten colours to your list of top ten items.


If you think this might help you out, please vote for the idea here and leave a comment letting MS know what your application / situation might be.


Hope that helps

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Re: Assign color automatically in line chart

You might be able to calculate a TOPN rank measure (1 to 10) and put this in your Legend field instead of the current field you have in there. Then the number 1 to 10 should never change colour, but unfortunately you would the item name would be replaced by the number 1 to 10 on your legend. 


In that case, you could put a table or matrix (or slicer) nearby on the same report page that listed both the item rank and the item name. e.g.


1. Green Eggs

2. Ham

3. Cheese

4. Toast


10. Peanut Butter

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