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uphill filtering when using two data tables



Having a problem which may be as much a methodology issue as a technical one.


i have a scenario where i use key tables to filter 2 data tables simulateously.


[Data table1]*----1[key table]1----*[Data table2]


There are many 'key tables'.


The problem i am having is i want the key tables to filter based on other key tables selections

For example i wouldnt want to see every Regionin the world in my 'keyRegion' table if i am (in a different filter) only looking at clientX in using the KeyClient table.


I know if i had one table i could simply create fitlers from this, but with two tables i cant figure it out.


i know with one table i can use a star schema method and cross filtering, but with multiple data tables i cannot do this.


im half way to setting up a whole series of key tables that filter each other or using the DAX method here LINK


OR..more likely..i may be askign something that should never be an issue and i need to reevaluate from the bottom up.


Any advice would be appreciated!


Demo schema

demo schema.png


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Re: uphill filtering when using two data tables

This is effectively a many to many pattern. Have a read of my article here explaining how to push a filter from one data table onto anoher lookup table. The examples are not quite the same, but the principle is.

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.
al4x Frequent Visitor
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Re: uphill filtering when using two data tables

Thanks for the link, i have been reading it.


Has this scenario come about (in my case) from poor design, or is it something fairly typical?

Im trying to get my head around the above.


I can filter using my key tables, it just means the end user has to scroll through lots of fields that arent necessary.


i will attempt to work through your article. I  admit i struggle with 'Calculate' but also know i need to get more famililar with it