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unpivot table with nested headers (date field)

I have the following excel.



I need the output as following

1Suzon29-11-2018Max unit usage2290.68
2Suzon29-11-2018Max unit usage %22.90679504
3Suzon29-11-2018Max size usage493.43
4Suzon29-11-2018Max size usage %4.93
5Suzon30-11-2018Max unit usage2603.84
6Suzon30-11-2018Max unit usage %26.04
7Suzon30-11-2018Max size usage491.42
8Suzon30-11-2018Max size usage %4.91
9Suzon01-12-2018Max unit usage2158.55
10Suzon01-12-2018Max unit usage %21.59
11Suzon01-12-2018Max size usage503.36
12Suzon01-12-2018Max size usage %5.03
13Ticson29-11-2018Max unit usage3624.43
14Ticson29-11-2018Max unit usage %36.24426464
15Ticson29-11-2018Max size usage3662.27
16Ticson29-11-2018Max size usage %36.62
17Ticson30-11-2018Max unit usage3612.19
18Ticson30-11-2018Max unit usage %36.12
19Ticson30-11-2018Max size usage3680.37
20Ticson30-11-2018Max size usage %36.80
21Ticson01-12-2018Max unit usage3341.74
22Ticson01-12-2018Max unit usage %33.42
23Ticson01-12-2018Max size usage3408.31
24Ticson01-12-2018Max size usage %34.08
25Dicche29-11-2018Max unit usage97.87
26Dicche29-11-2018Max unit usage %0.978684511
27Dicche29-11-2018Max size usage1417.31
28Dicche29-11-2018Max size usage %14.17
29Dicche30-11-2018Max unit usage96.72
30Dicche30-11-2018Max unit usage %0.97
31Dicche30-11-2018Max size usage1342.56
32Dicche30-11-2018Max size usage %13.43
33Dicche01-12-2018Max unit usage93.01
34Dicche01-12-2018Max unit usage %0.93
35Dicche01-12-2018Max size usage1315.61
36Dicche01-12-2018Max size usage %13.16


Could you please help me on this to achieve it in Power BI Desktop.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: unpivot table with nested headers (date field)

hi, @mkk2734

Do you mean that you want to transform data like your screenshot into the output you need?

If so, how do you import the data into power bi, I think your expected output should be the basic data structure.

And the screenshot should be a visual.

If the data in excel has the data model, you could use Import Excel workbooks into Power BI Desktop


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Re: unpivot table with nested headers (date field)