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jesswest Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor


I have two spreadsheets

2018 data 

2019 data 


When I create a clustered column chart to compare YOY by month, I run into a few issues. 


Fields are populated as follows: 


2018 Date of Incident (ordered by date hierarchy)

2019 Date of Incident (ordered by date hierarchy)



2018 Surname of Injured Person 

2019 Surname of Injured Person


When I do that, it shows the below. 


2018 data is correct however 2019 is showing as 29 for all months. 29 is the number of rows, it's not actually counting the amount of 2019 incidents per month. 


I'm stuck, please help! Smiley Happy 


Super User
Super User

Re: undefined

You're going to need to combine the two sets of data somehow - either merge the queries, or create some sort of linking table listing the months. Right now I'm guessing they are separated and you just have a list of months on the 2018 table, Power BI's not going to know which of those months the 2019 data applies to so it does it for all of them

jesswest Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: undefined

Do you know how to create a linking table listing the months?