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alam Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

total column seperated by months



Im new to powerbi. I have a table with work hours and I have made a "total" column at the very end to show the SUM for each staff.


The data is displayed by month and date VS staff, however, is it generating a "total" column at the end of each month. Is there a way to remove that? 



Super User
Super User

Re: total column seperated by months

No unfortunately this is not possible although it should be!

Sounds like you have a Matrix Visual with 1 field in the Rows and 2 fields in the Columns.

When you go to the Subtotal Options of the Matrix you can turn on and off both Row Subtotals and Column Subtotals

However this also affects the Grand Total Row and/or the Grand Total Column but it should NOT !

You should be able to turn on/off only the Grand Total Row/Column independent of the Row/Column Subtotals.

Vote for this Idea! And hopefully they'll add the option soon Smiley Happy