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Post Partisan

start and end date in slicer selection

hi have start and enddate as below . I am trying to change the date of start date anything after june 9th which is greater than end date . Even if i select  that i am seeing it is not being able to select it . I can change it only after the end date is chnaged . Like for example if i select end date to dec 1st 2019 . Then i am able to select anything less than dec 1st 2019 but not after that .I know that we cannot do that i am giving a try to change the start date first followed by end date . Is it vice versa in power bi ?



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Yes. Move the end date and then move the start date. I could give 100 comparisons as to why it makes no sense to try to move the start date beyond the end

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This is a problem in Power BI and NOT the logical way to do things (name another program that works well and does this!). Some of the reasons this is terrible logic:

  1. When we change a field, that field should change and if need be other fields update to suit (so when changing start, end date should change).
  2. In english we read and write left to write, so we SHOULD be putting in a start date first!
  3. When entering dates we always say from and to (who says to and from, that would not make sense), therefore we should be able to change the start date first.

I have written an issue idea at so if this problem annoys you, go there and vote it up (and comment if you have any ideas how to improve it).

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Why are you wanting to see data past the end date? Why not just move the end date? Perhaps a slicer isn't what you are looking for?

@Anonymous : i am not moving the start date greater than end date . While the chnaging the dates here is my detail explanantion . my user started checking the date from jan 1st to jan 31st then he wanted to analyse the data from feb 1st to feb 28 . In the second case in general he started chahing the start date to frb1st then proceed of chaging the end date to feb 28( where the current date was jan 31st) . In this case we found this scenerio .


2) So in general do we need to change the end date first then the start date ?. I am just asking for user training in this case


Hope you got it?


3) can we acheive this in anyother way ?

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I am also having some concern on this.


Normaly when we give date inputs first we select the start date and then end date. But if default start date is greater than the new start date the slicer visual will not allow to proceed. 


So i had to tell users that first they need to change the end date and subsequently select the start date.  That confuses users. 




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Yes. Move the end date and then move the start date. I could give 100 comparisons as to why it makes no sense to try to move the start date beyond the end

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Completely agree that this behaviour is a completely broken UX.  There is no warning at all when a user selects a start date which comes after the end date.  It just does nothing, so the user things the product is broken and we have one unhappy Power BI user extra.

There are at least two solutions:

* a small tooltip warning if you select a date which is not valid.

* disable all invalid dates in the datepicker like every website does.


I don't understand why this non-sensical behavior can last for years in Power BI.  I just took a quick look at the source code of this slicer (

It is just a matter of a few extra lines.  I would be happy to contribute this fix.

ya that makes sense . I can proceed with that for training part

@Anonymous : can you help me with this thread please if you have idea on DAx :



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