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g_reese Frequent Visitor
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sort x-axis month chronologically

I have a stacked column chart with a date hierarchy as the x-axis values.  Chart is showing the Month date hierarchy values.  Problem is that there's three months November, December, and January.  Nov & Dec are for year of 2016 and January is for 2017.  January should be third but instead the chart sorts by alphabetical order.  I see no chart option to sort my x-axis labels by chronological order.  This seems like something people will encounter often.  There should be a simple way for users to to fix this in their powerbi charts that use a date hierarchy.  By the way, the image I added below is blank on this post editor, not sure if it will show up after I post. 



v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: sort x-axis month chronologically



You can expand all down one level in the hierarchy as below.


sort x-axis month chronologically_1.jpg 


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