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jengwt Member

"Last X Calendar Years" filter for Dynamics API pull

I have a report that pulls a HUGE set of data from Dynamics API. In order to conrtol the size of this data, I would like to limit the data pulls to the past year and this year. This is not to be hard-coded, but rather dynamic so that as the years change so will the data pull.


If you were to code this in SQL, it would look like this: 

WHERE DATE >= '1-1-' || (YEAR(CURRENT DATE) - 1)


The closest thing that I've found is to use the filtering functionality in the query editor, but you can only use "Last X Years", "Last X Months", etc. I need to be able to specify Calender Year, as you would with the relative date slicer.


I was think it may be codeable. Take the following Filtered Rows query step:

= Table.SelectRows(#"Removed Columns"
, each Date.IsInPreviousNYears([createdon], 2)


Unfortunately, it's not as simple as changing: 

= Table.SelectRows(#"Removed Columns"
, each Date.IsInPreviousNCalendarYears([createdon], 2)


Does anyone know any solutions? Thanks!

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: "Last X Calendar Years" filter for Dynamics API pull

Hi @jengwt


Here is the reference for you.




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