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soldstatic Member

"Bridge" Table Filtering

Hey y'all, any help would be appreciated!


I have two core data tables, events and customers. There is a 'bridge' style table that links the two via foreign keys. It looks like this:


Premises 1-->* PremiseEvents * <--1 Events


The PremiseEvents table acts as a bridge table and only has three columns, PremiseID, EventID, and ID. ID is unique, PremiseID is a FK to Premises, and EventID is a FK to Events. All three tables are large, but as you can imagine the bridge table is huge (although it is narrow).


I'm trying to create a page where user can filter on several slicers tied to Events to get to a small number of events, say 2 or 3 or something. Once that filter is applied there would only be say 100 entries in PremiseEvents bridge table that links to the 100 customers that are impacted by that event.


If I drop a count(PremiseEventID) from the bridge table into the visual, it filters on both sides of the relationship and shows me what I want. But I'd prefer to not have that column on the table, and if I end up wanting to plot the some of this data that's not exactly a data point I want to plot. Putting a 'is not blank' filter on the same column on the visual does not work, I get errors saying the result set was more than 1M rows. 


So I'm trying to create a measure or something that I can use to filter the visual. I'm having a hell of a time. Any other ideas or recommendations for an appropriate filter would be awesome.



Attempt 1:
CustFocus = 

var __Tb = SUMMARIZE(
    'UDM TableCustomerPremises'
    ,'UDM TableCustomerPremises'[ID]

var __PremFilt = 
    ,CROSSFILTER('UDM TableEventPremise'[CustomerPremiseId],'UDM TableCustomerPremises'[ID],Both)

var __EventFilt = 
    ,CROSSFILTER('UDM TableEventPremise'[EventListId],QualifiedEventList[ID],Both)





Attempt 2: 

    countrows(ALLSELECTED('UDM TableEventPremise') )
    ,CROSSFILTER('UDM TableCustomerPremises'[ID],'UDM TableEventPremise'[CustomerPremiseId],both)





Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: "Bridge" Table Filtering

Hi @soldstatic ,

Can you please share a dummy file? If you can't, please share some sample data and your expected results that will make us understand clearly about your requirement.


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Best Regards,

Xue Ding

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