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product sales by store when specific products are associated with specific stores

Hi everyone, i would really appreciate some help with a problem and some coaching around where my logic is going wrong and how I can improve to help resolve simimlar problems in the future.


I have two tables -example data set below

-a table of selected products that are ranged to be sold in a various stores

-a table of sales of all the products sold in all stores  by period (ie a week)



I am looking to be able to see what of their ranged products a store sold and how much they sold, including if they didnt sell any of the product they should have


I am struggling with the fact there are multiple products and  multiple stores in each table. I have managed to find a solution using lookup value to bring sales into my range rable when there was only one date, but am npw stuck as there are mutiple dates.


The ideal solution is where i can have a date filter and visualise a table of store, ranged product, sales of this product including zero sales, % product that are ranged that were sold


Any support, would be much appreciated

Regards, Richard

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Richy ,


Please let us know:


1. What are the tables in your model?

2. What are the relationships among them?

3. Can you provide some sample data?



Best Regards,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Richy 

Your request doesn't seem very clear!

do you have a Date table in your model?

Can you please attach a Dummy of your Pibx file? 


Willing to help

Amine Jerbi

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@Richy Read this post to get your answer quickly.

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