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previous selected values and copare to current selected values less than RED

HI Expert,

I have 5 filters 

1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 year


I have already Created DAX formula for Percentage


by default  I have selected 6 Month.

if I have selected 3 Month then we need compare 6Month vs 3 Month Percentage is greater values GREEN otherwise RED

same can selected filter one filter then should be compare previous Month selected.

I can selected any one then should be compare i am selected previous filter.


Please any own can help DAX formula.


I need creare Arrow Indicate




Frequent Visitor

Hi, could you post your data frame to visualize?

I created a dax function once:

Previous Balance = 
VAR MinDate = CALCULATE( MIN('Public DimDate'[Date]), ALLSELECTED('Public DimDate'[Date]) )
    SUMX('Account FactAccountMoviment',
    'Account FactAccountMoviment'[CreditValue] - 'Account FactAccountMoviment'[DebtValue])
    ,FILTER(ALL('Public DimDate'),'Public DimDate'[Date] < MinDate )

The var Mindate is possible to get the Min value from slicer, i think you have to get many dimension of date as you have in slicers to get each date.


Hope this help you

Super User
Super User

@Vedantika_V , no, we do not have a way to know the previously selected value, You have two create two slicers from two different tables and use those



How to use two Date/Period slicers

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