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wjkoppel Occasional Visitor
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net promoter score



We use the NPS at our company. I've just deletede a draft report when i got a pop-up asking how likely it is that i would recommend Power BI to friends and colleagues, in other words power BI also uses the NPS. I would imagine that they also use power BI to analyse and visualize the results.


Does anyone know if the NPS template that power BI themselve uses is available? Maybe you guys have suggestions on which visuals to use? Right now i have used the kpi and 100% bar chart visuals.



ValubiMartin Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: net promoter score

Hi @wjkoppel


You can use the built-in gauge chart, and specify the minimum value to be at 1 (or 0 depending on whether this is an option or not) and max value to be at 10. You can even specify a target for your nps. That could be 8 or 9 as these are pretty good results in an NPS context. Then you can plot your scores from questionnaires or where you get them from, and visualize it like that. You can also find different gauges and similar visuals in the store.