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measure cumulative total

good noon!


in a table, after VERY LONG calculation, exist measure MeasureTotal (sum of vere many columns ans measures)

and Measure MeasureTotalSum


adding correctly

and i`m need the MeasureCumulativeTotal


MeasureCumulativeTotal =CALCULATE('Table1'[MeasureTotal];										                 

all, as in the example

but, 1.gifinstead of the expected result, i had some Unordered number.

how me changed the code to achive standart result?

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Re: measure cumulative total

@bi_team_ru2 If I understand what you are asking


You have Ranked some category say People based on the Total Net Sales whatever... over some time periods


And you want a Running/Cumulative Total Column BASED ON RANK not dates - to the right of your Total Net per Name Column


Running Total Question.png

What would really help is if you could put Measures on Rows in the Matrix...


Post the solution if you find it.

You may have to create another table with the results and then use the - Filter(ALL(TableName), [Rank]<=MAX[Rank])

It won't let me use the Measure


bi_team_ru2 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: measure cumulative total

 good noon, Sean!

The all measure - the result of a MANY Calculation. and column rank is a next


used this column on a calculation - meaningless


mRank is Measure too, it`s result of the old (incorrect) idea.

then i`m calculate cumulative total based on this measure (Column mRank), on the result i had a column of 1 and variants <= or >= 2.gif

- don`t change the result

creating the variable MShare, i has non-normalising column of measure Share (multiply koef near 240)

This is a PROBLEM : standart example don`t take a result.

thank for idea and articles. if i`ll solved, nessesary writing result