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NourJ Regular Visitor
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measure and filter issue

Dear all,

I have two subjects\issues that I sent a request for help, however, there was a reply from people who tried to help, but I didn't get the solution and still stucking.
so I will try again to present my problem in a different way:
1- first one:

I was facing a problem with a measure not responding to the additional filters my measure is: IDP by year = var y = MAX(Append1[Year])
CALCULATE([IDP Arrived IND 2018+2019],FILTER(ALL(Append1),Append1[Year]=y))

so when I am filtering by the date it's working well but if I used other filters such as drill down the location for example, it's not filtering down the number accordingly,
so i figured out that the problem is ''All'' but i couldn't figure out the replacement to it or the other solution!!

[IDP Arrived IND 2018+2019] this measure is a simple sum between three columns

tex628 New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: measure and filter issue

The ALL() statement clears ALL filters on the append1 table. If you want to remove the filters on the date column but maintain the other filters you should have a seperate table for your dates, which you then apply the ALL statement to.