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I wanted to know if it is possible to relate two matrices. I have two tables, one of percentages and the other of amounts, both tables can see area 1 and area 2. I would need that if I click on table 1 to see the areas 2 that has that table, the same thing happens with the other table, that is, if I expand one, the other expands.

It's possible?
Thank you!
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Quiero que si toco mas en una tabla la otra tambien se abra, existe ese tipo de relacion? 

It should automatically interact with each other. Check the 'Edit Interactions' tab to see how the visual's interactions with other visuals are set up. 


Read more here - Change how visuals interact in a report - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

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Super User

Hi @Milagros38 , 

I am not sure if the tables you are referring to are tables on the Power BI report panel or actual 2 different data source tables. 

You can relate anything in Power BI as long as there is the right relationship maintained between the two sources on the correct fields. 

Please read more about it here: Create and manage relationships in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

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