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Yorrick Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

lock filter (visual level filters)

Hey there,


I have put in a visual filter on one of my line and cluster charts. Namely, when i view the months, the records left blank will be filtered out and not shown. However, when i drill down all levels and undrill back up i find that radio button which was unchecked at first (the (blank) radio button) will be checked again, showing my blank months in my array of normal months.


Is there a way that i can lock the visual filters?


THanks in advance.

ankitpatira Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: lock filter (visual level filters)

@Yorrick i am guessing you've used basic filtering. can you try usjng advanced filtering and exclude blanks by choosing is not blank for the field ? 

Nhallquist Member

Re: lock filter (visual level filters)

One thing you could do is fill in the BLANKS with a data value.  For example, you can use the ISBLANK function to test if the field value is blank and if it is, add the word "BLANK" to the field.  This will do two things for you.  It will allow you to visually see the impact of the BLANK values, and also give you something concrete to use in your slicer. 


We run into this issue often, and this is how we address it.


Good luck,



lea131 Visitor

Re: lock filter (visual level filters)

Hi There, just wondering if a solution is out there.  I would like to filter the last 12 months but as I drill up it unchecks the filtered and shows all.  I've also tried to use the advanced filter "is on or after xxxx" but the advanced filter gets reset/cleared as well when I drill back up.

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