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image doesn't show on power bi service


i added an image to my pbix file on desktop

when publish the report, image is blank(see print screen)

why is that? i tried multiple types of image files




@BharathOddiraju@MP_123, the issue no longer exists on my Power BI Dashboard, would you please have a check?

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Has anyone found a solution to this issue?  My issue is similar however two people can see the images and everyone else cannot.  We all have the same persmissions to the images and are using IE and Chrome.  This is a major issue as I'll have to rebuild elements in my report if this can't be fixed.

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Hi, How are you?


I have de same problem. Do you know can I solve it?

Advocate V
Advocate V

Just updating and to be clear on the focus of the problem:


  • Images show Ok on: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Some reports, depending on the website the image is hosted at, also work on Edge.
  • The problems only happen on Edge, and may be a region related issue, because I have a link tested in another country and for that person it worked on Edge.

Concluding: it is not a Power BI Service problem, but an Edge problem.

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Advocate I


I'd the same problem.

I changed the format of the file from .gif to .png and image appered on power bi sevice.



Hello, thanks for the suggestion but changing the format to either .gif or .png didnt work. I also tried just changing the extension to .png by renaming the file, and it didnt work either.


What's more strange is that another picture (lower quality) is still working with no problems. That also made me think maybe there is a problem with the name of the file (spaces, special characters?), and I also tried renaming it to something like pic1.png and it did work.


any other suggestions?? being able of inserting pictures into the report is kinda the whole point of a BI report, isn't it??



one typo the correct sentence is "...  and I also tried renaming it to something like pic1.png and it did not work."

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Im having the same issue, the image was working until a couple of days, and now it desappear, I can see it in my screen on the power bi desktop, but is not there on the bi service,


maybe the issue is back with the new update? my version is Version: 2.43.4647.541 64-bit (febrero de 2017)



 Did you guys noticed if the link on Power Bi service is broken like this:



and on Power BI Desktop is like this


It is the only difference I can percieve.

And there is no break in the line in the original file.

Now, I found this more disturbing:


  • Chrome: Ok, show images and doesn't break the line when the file name stats.
  • Firefox: OK, same thing.
  • Edge: Broken image icon and url separates the site from file.

Can anyone look at this on Edge team, because now it looks to me its is an Edge only problem.


I would not like people using Edge to missview my information thinking there is a broken report... neither force people to use specific browsers.




I have been facing the same issue, i have check the link its appearing correctly like """. Please do help me as i am not able to publish the report untill i fix this issue.


Is there any solution or update for this issue. It is really a blocker me.

@BharathOddiraju@MP_123, the issue no longer exists on my Power BI Dashboard, would you please have a check?

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Yes it is resolved!

The issue seems to be resolved on power BI service, but when you print the report - the imported image will not print. 



I have the latest version of PowerBI Desktop (February 2017 update) I my images imported to PowerBI Desktop (.jpg) don't show in PowerBI. This is a huge problem for me because I need to share this report to my manager ASAP:

Please advise...




I have the same problem.

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is it something related to non-american character? like ç, ã, ñ, ó, é, à etc?
only plain characters work correctly with power bi desktop.


i think it's a bug in the new version... or someone can help me please?


thanks a lot

What type of image?  I have had issues with SharePoint in the past, and found by using GIF solved it. I susp ct a bug too, but swapping image format may give you a quick fix. 

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.



i tried both jpeg&gif&png and it don't work...



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