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how to use measure as X-axis in line chart

hi guys, need help.

So i try to create line chart that use measure as X-axis and ID as Y-axis.

this is how the power BI try to create the line chart, but it didn't show what i want.


how to create diagram from measure.PNG


the power BI use ID as X-axis. I want ">60 sal", "60 sal LM", "60 sal LM1" etc. as my X axis, because it shows the saldo in every month category. i want to know wether the saldo last month (LM) is increase or decrease compare to the saldo 2 month ago (LM2).

so i want to show the chart just typical like this:

chart goal.PNG


can anyone show and halp me?

your help will be very helpful for me




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Re: how to use measure as X-axis in line chart

Hi @ddtblar,

You cannot use a Measure in X-axis. For any column to be used as an axis value, it should be a category. i.e. You should be able to group your entry data based on that column.


So in this case, since this column is a Measure, try to create a column that has these values and can be used to group your data by that. 


Take inspiration from Pivot Table option to achieve this...