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Jolyon Helper III
Helper III

how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?


need urgent help of yours:


I have a column Date (e.g. 01.01.2016), then I added columns Month and Year and concatenated them to get the column MonthYear(e.g. January2016):



Now the problem is, that I have date from 3 years(2016-2018) and I can not sort them correctly:

Here I sorted them by Month Number, but as you see, it doesn't work correctly. I can not sort them by column Date either, since I have multiple Date values for one MonthYear value.

So how could I sort MonthYear correctly, so that values Jan2017 and Feb 2017 will be shown after Months of 2016?
Could anyone help?

thanks a lot!

tringuyenminh92 Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

Hi @Jolyon,


In case you want to sort by Year and Month of date, you could add Calcuated column for YearMonthInt as:

YearMonthInt = Dates[Date].[Year]*100 +  Dates[Date].[MonthNo]

Then choose MonthYear column and choose sort by YearMonthInt column.




If this works for you please accept it as solution and also like to give KUDOS.

Best regards
Tri Nguyen

Jolyon Helper III
Helper III

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

hi @tringuyenminh92
could you please also tell, how you concatenated MonthYear?

Question to this formula:   YearMonthInt = Dates[Date].[Year]*100 +  Dates[Date].[MonthNo]  : is Dates the name of table? "Year" and "MonthNo" are your columns or DAX functions?

because in my case PowerBI underlines this formula as red: YearMonthInt = Client[Datum].[Jahr]*100 +  Client[Datum].[Mon]


thank you kindly!

tringuyenminh92 Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

When we cast Date column to Date type, PBI will suport us to access its Month (month name) and Month value (MonthNo)

My MonthYear= Dates[Date].[Month] & "-" & Dates[Date].[Year]

I think your expression of YearMonthInt is correct, just choose sort by column.


Jolyon Helper III
Helper III

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

hm, it is a bit strange, because I get error message from Power BI, that says : the variation column Month and Year couldn't be found in the table:


Table1 is name of my table; Date is name of my Date column; I have Date in format
I tried both German and English in the formula for the Month and Year, but it doesn't work.

And the same problem with YearMonthInt = Dates[Date].[Year]*100 +  Dates[Date].[MonthNo]  --> in my report I get error message.


Is DATES in your report the name of your table?

thanks for the help!

tringuyenminh92 Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

Hi @Jolyon,


yes, Dates is table name. Please ensure your data type of Date column is Date cause as my observation, i dont think your Date column is in Date type. So it doesnt support additional fields.

If you got problems with casting Date column, you could substring by left or Right method for your Date column and use Value() method to convert text to int.

Not applicable

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

Sorting .jpg

Hi @tringuyenminh92 I am having this kind of data in reports and also wnat to sort as same @Jolyon sorting for his reports 

means if multiple years data we have first it will sort by year in that case . But how to prepared calculate colum for above scenario as per above data. help me here i am new to DAX querys. also not having date column in my all tables so please suggest me how to achive that sorting on multiple year data  


New Member

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

For others with similar problems:


How to arrange PowerBI date labels chronologically:

If a Visual is distored because the date labels are aranged aphabetical (e.g.: April 2017; August 2017; .. ) instead of chronological (e.g. January 2017; February 2017), then you need to sort your datelabels column by a chronological column on the same table.


The easiest way is to create a new column with an int representation (e.g. 201701) of the datelabels column (January 2017) that you want to sort chronologically. Next, sort you column by the new column that contains the int values.



Date Table


Unfortunately, it is not possible to sort the MonthYearShort column by a column such as Date or DateInt because every value needs to match exactly one value in the column that will be sorted by. So you need to add a new column:


YearMonthIntFORMAT ( Dates[Date]; "YYYYMM" )  // or any other format that suits your text column




Date Table


Now each datelabel matches one int value: jan.17 => 201701; feb.17 => 201702

The next step is to select the text column (MonthYearShort) and click Sort By and select the int column YearMonthInt, see link:




Frequent Visitor

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

hey @tringuyenminh92 you did a great gob in finding the trick for this common issue. Congratulations!!

I have a small issue, i did created similar kind of column and i did sorting also based on that column but my visuals are not getting sort, based on the new column rather i can't see any effect on my visuals.

If possible, post some sollution for it.

Thanks in advance.


tringuyenminh92 Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Re: how to sort Date (MonthYear column)?

Hi @ajsingh,


After setting up by "sort by column", in the top right of chart (icon: "..."), please choose sorting by the field MonthYear, then it will be sorted in chart.

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