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how to cross-filter other visuals by top N + others visual

I have a pie chart that shows a "top N + others" very similar to the solution as described below.  (See the Dropbox file posted by @jdbuchanan71 .)


The essential part of that solution is to create a dummy table that contains the distinct values of the dimension used in the "top N" (e.g., the 'Companies' table created from the 'Transacties' table) as well as an "Others" row.


I want a selection in visuals containing the "top N + others" measures to "drive" (i.e., cross-filter) all other visuals.  The problem is that the 'Companies' table is disconnected from the data model (in particular, the 'Transacties' table).  So, I need to figure out how to create a virtual relationship between the 'Companies' table and the 'Transacties' table.  In particular, the cross-filtering needs to run from the 'Companies' table to the 'Transacties' table.  (Currently, the cross-filtering works from the 'Transacties' table to the 'Companies' table, because of the virtual relationship in the "top N" measures.)


So, say that I had another pie chart that is sliced by 'Transacties'[Company], with a measure like:

2018 Total Amount =
    ,'Date'[Year] = 2018


What do I need to do to this measure (or some other solution) to make this pie chart filter according to the values selected in the "Top 5 + Other by Company" pie chart (since that pie chart contains 'Companies'[Company])?


I have tried the following, but it isn't correct:
2018 Total Amount =
    ,'Date'[Year] = 2018





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@qubit813 , when say top of other visuals, I assume companies are selected and based on the current filter what are the companies should be used by other visuals (Top 5 from that).

Can you share sample data and sample output in a table format?

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Actually, I can do you one better...  Below is the link to the pbix file:


(Again, the above file isn't mine.  It was created by @jdbuchanan71 .)


As it currently stands, the visuals that have 'Transacties'.[Company] cross-filter the visuals that have 'Companies'.[Company].  My goal is to also have cross-filtering run in the opposite direction.  That is, not only should the cross-filtering be done this direction, but it should also cross-filter from 'Companies'.[Company] to 'Transacties'.[Company].  So, for example, the top right pie chart should cross-filter the bottom-left pie chart.

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