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hide visuals across multiple bookmarks

I have looked through the ideas forum and through this community board and did not find this question. I use a lot of bookmarks, not sure if it is just me with my reports but I end up creating hundreds of bookmarks for a single report. I have gotten really good and creating "template" pages where I follow a certain naming conventions for all of my visuals that allows me to see my progression through the report. One problem i have is that when I make a mistake and have to bring in a new visual into a page, i have to re-hide the visual for all of hte pre-existing bookmarks. My question to the board is, is there a way to "mass hide" a visual across multiple bookmarks?

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Re: hide visuals across multiple bookmarks

Hi @JoeRobert06,


You cannot make a mass update of the bookmarks, best only option is to hide the visual and the select the 3 dots on each one and update, be aware that if you select the bookmark you will always need to click hide again on the visual, if you only select the 3 dots on each bookmark you only click hide once, but believe that this is what you are doing.


Someone already posted this idea on the forum vote for it




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