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I need to create a dashboard where must have an object that is like a filter and it will have a list of users and clicking on any of these user a new object must come up with the detailed of the same information and when no user is selected the object with the User information will not be displayed, searched for such a report so to the power bi and found, who know how I can do this thanks



Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Here is one way I have done this:


1. Add your list of users as a slicer.

2. Create a measure to determine whether one user is selected: UserSelectCheck = if(HASONEVALUE([Users], "Y", "N")

3. Add your table/matrix with the user information.  Then add UserSelectCheck as a visual-level filter to the table/matrix and set it to show values when it is equal to Y.  


You can also add some additional functionality by changing the the "Y" to blank() or "" and the "N" to "Select a user".  Then you can use UserSelectCheck as a card to instruct your users that thye need to select a user.  You will just have to change the visual level filter to reflect whatever value you set for the true side of the if statement.    



I set the v-level filter(selected='Y') however the table displays all items when no any item selected in the slicer.

Can you be more specific?

try modifying the measure currently being used on the visual 


measure = if(isfiltered[slicer],1,blank())

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hmm that is probably because you are filtering by user in the table, so for each row of the table the filter context means that one user is selected and the measure evaluates to Y.  Do you have some other user-specific field (like UserID) that you aren't displaying in the table?  If so, you can change your measure to evaluate whether that has one value and it should work.  


You could also change your measure to something like the following to force PowerBI to look at the broader filter context of Users rather than row-by-row in the table:



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