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format table visualization: transpose

I created a table visualization in Power BI, and it contains all the information I want. I just wish I can transpose it to make the format look better. Is there a way to achieve this?


For example my table looks like:


_______      subject1       subject2          subject2

student1    grade1_1     grade1_2         grade1_3

student2    grade2_1     grade2_2         grade2_3


what I want is:

__________   student1           student2

subject1     grade1_1          grade2_1

subject2     grade1_2          grade2_2



thank you.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I had a similar issue and did a google search and looked at some of the responses.


In the end I stumbled across the Format option under Values "Show on Rows", which was set to Off as default.  Switched that and the format switched.  No addtional code.

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Thank you.

This been bugging me for a while. Glad I found this post.


To add to this, the option found when using 'Matrix' in Visualizations, in format (paint roller).


Thanks so much NAIOh - was looking for this one myself.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Genius!  That's exactly what I needed!


Thank you!

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If you highlight the data you'd like to swap [for instance, it appears you want to swap the positioning of the top rows for the side columns --- which is a pretty common need]: 


1) simply highlight your data that you'd like to "swap" or move

2) copy the data or use CTRL+C

3) instead of trying to "paste" the data into the "swap" position [i.e. using CTRL+V] - click the "paste" BUTTON in the top left side of Excel

4) click the "transpose" button --- to which I've highlighted within the RED CIRCLE


Your data should pre-fill in vertical format [i.e. column] instead of horizontal [i.e. row]. 


I hope this was what you were looking for.





Thanks Dallas, but I cannot do this in Power BI. Sorry I didn't montion it is a Power BI task in my previous question.

Hi @JessieWulala,

In Power BI Desktop, you can use Table.Transpose function to transpose your table.

Please note that in Power BI Desktop, we are not able to create two columns with same name, thus I make a test using the following steps.

1. In Query Editor, click “New Source>Blank Query”, click Advanced Editor, then paste the following code.

    Table3 = Table.PromoteHeaders( 
                [Column1 = "student1", subject1= "grade1_1"], 
                [Column1 = "student2", subject1= "grade2_1"]

2. In Query Editor, click “New Source>Blank Query”, click Advanced Editor, then paste the following code.

                [Column1 = "student1", subject2= "grade1_2"], 
                [Column1 = "student2", subject2= "grade2_2"]


3. Select the first query, append the second query to the first query using “Appended Queries” button as shown in the following screenshot, then you will get the desired result.


Lydia Zhang

Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
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Maybe consider tranposing your table in Excel prior to PBI upload? 


All the best, my friend. 

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