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benfrenkel Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

filtering chart or grid with dax


how to filter chart or grid with dax exp ?

is not an option in advance filtring of a page or report !!

for example last 6 weeks on sanday only   >> on axis chart or filtring  grid rows ??



dearwatson Member

Re: filtering chart or grid with dax

Hi Ben,


Yeah there's no expression based filtering right now.. dont get me started on being able to filter by "This Week" or as you put it "In the last 6 Weeks" which has long been a shortcoming of Power BI.


The best way around this right now is to create a calculated column based on the expression e.g. create a column 

"Is in last 6 weeks on a Sunday" = IF(Table[Date]>DATEDIFF(TODAY(),-6,WEEK)&&(Table[DayName]="Sunday", TRUE(),FALSE())

(I didn't check this DAX syntax so apologies if there is mistakes, just an example)


Then I filter the page or report based on that column... its a crude way to do it but the only solution right now.


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